Hip-hop/Rap artist JaemSounds (born James Matthew Morris November 21, 1989) is more than just your average lyricist. Even to his locals he is viewed as one of the most talented artist ever to surface from the underground of the Rockland County area. Eager to put 845 on the map due to a lack of recognition he must surpass his suburban boundaries to inform the New York state has potential outside the city limits.

Since his early years of childhood convinced music was the only option in his future, JaemSounds religiously wrote lyrics from the heat of his home to the lights in his high school classrooms.

It was those very classrooms that gave him the foundation of a vast vocabulary and literary education used in his music today. Although he was fascinated by literature and later it becoming the primary tool of his musical genius he failed English his senior year. Also with the passing of his closest friend months prior to graduation took tole in which he bears a tatted condolence on his right arm symbolizing the initial spark of his internal conflict. Raised by his single mother and two sisters in Rockland County, NY determination to impact the music industry grew in him.

Watching his mother struggle to provide for her three children with  JaemSounds being the older brother true passion emerged as he made himself a promise to become one of the most influential hip-hop icons in musical history.

Later parting from his mother’s domain he readjusted his environment and grew a thirst for knowledge and lyrical supremacy as he now ventures on his own. Passion and determination blazing in his eyes only one outcome can occur during his pursuit to happiness. Becoming the complete embodiment of the historical musical icon he always dreamed of.